Career Day

Students join the research labs of the DBM to complete an academic education that prepares them for their professional future. During the time at the Department they attend lectures, seminar series, and learn the skills that are required for working in their respective research areas.

Working in a University environment, students interact mostly with scientists whose experience are mostly aquired in an academic environment as well. There are, however, many other options and potential working areas open to people with a PhD in Biology that students are most of the time not aware of or do not consider due to lack of information. In order to offer them the possibility to discuss about their future professional possibilities and to learn skills to prepare them for the work market, the DBM PhD Club organizes a Career Day aiming to focus on the post-graduation careers of the young researchers by providing students with practical knowledge through a combination of presentationsa and workshops.


The Career Day 2017

The Career Day 2017 will take place in the Wildt’sche Haus, Petersplatz 13, Basel on November 21.

Flyer and Program: download

Registration: see Program, limited number of places for each workshop!

Deadline: November 15

Career Days in the past

Career Day 2016

Monday November 16, Wildt'sches Haus (Basel)

Career Day 2015

Monday November 23, Wildt'sches Haus (Basel)

Career Day 2015

Wendnesday November 23, Wildt'sches Haus (Basel)

Career Day 2014

Wendnesday November 19, Villa Wenkenhof (Riehen)

Career Day 2013

Thursday October 3rd, Villa Wenkenhof (Riehen)

Career day 2012

Friday September 12, 13:00-19:30 in the Johanniterheim



Career Day 2017

Date: November 21
Time: 9am - 5pm
Place: Wildt'sche Haus (Petersplatz, Basel)

Registration: open