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Viruses leave traces for long after infection (Pinschewer lab)

Viruses do not always kill the cells they infect. Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered in experiments with mice that cells have the power to self-heal and eliminate viruses. However, these cells undergo long-term changes.…

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Building application for the new DBM building submitted

With the submission of the building application to the Building and Transport Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the building permit procedure begins. Construction is scheduled to begin in the course of 2023. It is expected to take…

New DBM management structure

After the handover of the DBM Chair from Radek Skoda to Ivan Martin on June 1st, 2021, the new organization chart of the Department and the composition of the leadership have been approved by the Partner Institutions (Basel University and…

Researchers identify how to prevent cancer metastases (Bentires-Alj Lab)

Metastases can develop in the body even years after apparently successful cancer treatment. They originate from cancer cells that migrated from the original tumor to other organs, and which can lie there inactive for a considerable time.…

New Head DBM

On the 1st of June, after 15 years, Prof. Radek Skoda (right) hands over the chair of the Department of Biomedicine to Prof. Ivan Martin (left)

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Radek Skoda granted with the Award 2020 of the San Salvatore Foundation

The Award 2020 of the San Salvatore Foundation of CHF 50'000 has been granted on May 8, 2021 in Lugano to Radek Skoda in recognition for his contribution to the understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of myeloproliferative neoplasms. …

Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers named new Vice President for People & Culture

The Senate elected neurobiologist Professor Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers to the newly created post, which has been established as part of the reorganization of the President's Board. The Senate-designated University Councillor Professor Ottfried…

Salvatore Piscuoglio awarded with a Cloëtta Medical Research Position

The Foundation Board of the Prof. Dr. Max Cloëtta Foundation has awarded Salvatore Piscuoglio a five-year research position.

Basel oncologist, Heinz Läubli, receives research prize from the Propatient Foundation

Basel oncologist Heinz Läubli has been awarded the Annemarie Karrasch Research Prize. The prize, awarded by the Propatient Foundation of the University Hospital Basel, is endowed with 25,000 Swiss francs.

A treatment for every kind of cancer

Lucia Mori and team from the University of Basel have identified cells in the immune system that are able to attack a wide range of cancer cells. Through a start-up, they are now aiming to use their discovery to develop clinically…