Spin-Off and Startup

The Department of Biomedicine fosters a culture where scientific developments in medical technology are translated into commercial products. These activities are currently exemplified by a steadily growing number of Spin-Off companies:

logo cellec biotec ag

Cellec Biotek AG

CELLEC BIOTEK AG develops and commercializes bioreactor systems for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering. Thanks to the patented direct perfusion technologies, our products allow user-friendly seeding and functional maintenance of cells within porous materials. The resulting tissues are used as advanced models of development, physiology, pathology, and drug testing, and prospectively as engineered grafts for tissue and organ regeneration.


Hornet Therapeutics

Hornet Therapeutics is pioneering single gene-level precision engineering of immune cell metabolism to induce or abolish specific cellular states. The company is pre-clinical and focused on creating metabolically optimized cell backbones for CAR-T/NK cell therapies with improved long-term efficacy.

Our lead metabolic vulnerability asset provides the first-in-class potential to prevent a large group of virus-associated malignancies.

The company operates in stealth mode for now.