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Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Position in Transcriptomics and Cancer Epigenetics

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Professor Mohamed Bentires-Alj at the Department of Biomedicine (DBM) in Basel, Switzerland.

The tasks include studies on transcriptomic and epigenetic (Histone modifications, DNA methylation...) changes in the normal and neoplastic breast. A strong background in gene regulation and epigenetics (Chip-Seq, Atac-Seq, RNA-Seq...) is required. The candidate will work on an interdisciplinary project that uses pathophysiologically relevant models and state-of-the-art technologies to identify molecular mechanisms underlying crosstalk between key signalling pathways and epigenetic programs in the normal and neoplastic breast.

The successful candidate should be highly motivated, have a PhD in epigenetics, and a strong interest in molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer progression to drug resistant metastases.

Our lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms controlling normal and neoplastic breast stem cells, metastasis and resistance to therapy, and on personalized cancer treatments:

We offer you:

  • -  Stimulating, challenging and interdisciplinary research environment

  • -  State-of-the-art technologies and core facilities

  • -  Attractive employment conditions

Selected publications of our lab:

- Hippo kinases LATS1/2 control human breast cell fate via crosstalk with ERα. Britschgi A,et al., Nature 2017

- PIK3CAH1047R induces multipotency and multi-lineage mammary tumors. Koren S, et al., Nature 2015

- Cessation of CCL2 inhibition accelerates breast cancer metastasis by promoting angiogenesis. Bonapace L, et al., Nature 2014

The DBM is an international institute pursuing basic, translational and clinical research, with access to cutting-edge core facilities.

Applications should be submitted electronically at:

Application deadline: applications will be reviewed as they arrive.

Professor Mohamed Bentires-Alj: