General rules

Microscope introductions are required by all users, and can only be given by the facility staff. The first introduction must be followed by two reservations within two weeks. A second introduction must be made after 6 months of user inactivity. Multiple consultations, help, or advice is always possible.

Please contact Mike or Beat for an appointment.

Microscope reservations can be made three weeks in advance with a maximum of two 3hr time slots during ‘prime time’ (8am-6pm). To ensure efficient use, reservations can be made freely two weeks, or sooner, before the reservation. This 3week and 2 week structure allows ‘regular’ users one week to book, before more spontaneous or long-run (e.g. overnight) users book.

Please note whether you are using the UV lamp for the Olympus microscopes, so that other users will know whether to turn on/off the lamp.

Please use the log books for the confocals.

TGIT: Tuesday Help:
The staff are available to users every Tuesday afternoon at the microscopes. Users can bring samples and ask questions. The microscopes are also reserved for maintenance on these days. Please email Mike or Beat before coming.

Cancellation of reservations can be done by emailing the user-list. After late cancellation or finishing early, users must contact the next  (or previous) user and take responsibility for turning off or leaving on the microscope.

Users are responsible for damage and care of the microscope. Inspect objectives for damage before and after use, and clean them if they are dirty. Be responsible for the lasers and lamps, and do not leave them running over night or the weekend. Report any problems immediately to Mike or Beat.

Data storage is done locally during acquisition and then transferred to the micro$. Data must be immediately deleted from the local drive after transfer. You can store on the micro$ for up to 90days, after which time you must transfer it to a group drive for long-term storage.


Dr. Michael Abanto
Department of Biomedicine
University Hospital Basel
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Beat Erne
Departement of Biomedicine
University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 50-70
4056 Basel