Organization Chart

The new organigram of the Department of Biomedicine (DBM) has been approved in May 2021 by the KOG and is currently in the phase of being implemented.

More details about governance processes and names associated with the different roles will be released in the next months.


DBM Management Team

The DBM Management Team is the organ for strategy definition and executive decisions. It is composed by the Head of Department, the Head of Operations and six Research Group Leaders, each responsible to coordinate a defined activity sector ‘Ressort’. The Management Team has been approved by the KOG in June 2021 and will typically meet once per month, chaired by the Head of Department.

Head of Department
Head of Operations
Core Facilities
Junior Faculty
Professional Integrity
Space allocation
Communication and outreach
Scientist-Clinician interactions

DBM Team for Administration & Services Coordination (TASC)

TASC exchanges administration- and service-related information from all locations of the DBM and coordinates the corresponding actions. TASC typically meets once per week, chaired by the Head of Operations. 

Human Resources
Operation and Infrastructure
Safety Officer
New Building and Site Coordination