Core Facilities

Scientific core facilities are an integral part of research institutions nowadays - not only as a means of efficiency and cost optimization but also as centers of competence and customized scientific services. As centralized shared resources, they provide all researchers easy access to instrumentation, technology, and expert know-how. The highly trained facility managers are keeping up with the latest technological advances in order to serve the evolving needs of the research community.

DBM members have in-house access to core facilities for Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting, GMP, Histology and Microscopy and access to core facilities jointly operated with other research institutions including Quantitative Genomics Facility (for next generation sequencing), the Life Sciences Training Facility (for gene expression profiling), the Center for (Electron) Microscopy, the Transgenic Mouse Core Facility, and the Small Animal Facility for Nuclear Molecular Imaging.

DBM core facilities are unique in that they provide their service at no or very little costs. They are continually implementing the latest developments to better serve the DBM scientific community. As such they have a central role in creating a competitive research environment and contribute significantly to the scientific success of the Department of Biomedicine.