DBM Microscopy Core Facility

Light microscopy has revolutionized modern biology by creating a window for researchers to “see” the cellular and molecular world. The DBM Microscopy Facility enables researchers with limited microscopy knowledge to become experts and it allows experts to do creative experiments.

The DBM currently holds two microscopy facilities located at Hebelstrasse and at Mattenstrasse. Both facilities are used free of charge and there are around 30 microscopes of various types available.

In 2022, the DBM microscopy core facility was designated a Nikon Center of Excellence for translational research and has been working closely with Nikon ever since.

All the academic microscopy facilities in Basel form an interactive network called the Microscopy Network Basel (MNB), composed of the DBM, Biozentrum, D-BSSE, and FMI facilities. This facilitates exchange, fosters collaborations, and provides a wide net of
microscopy possibilities across the Basel academic landscape.

Our outlook is to continue raising the basic level of microscopy at the DBM while also extending the frontiers of what is possible in super-resolution microscopy. We are developing microscopy courses in house and in the Basel area in collaboration with the MNB, and also invite speakers and companies to showcase the latest technology to our DBM researchers.