Research Groups

Aceto Nicola, Prof. Dr.Cancer Metastasis
Banfi Andrea, PD Dr. med.Cell and Gene Therapy
Barbero Andrea, Prof. Dr.Cartilage Engineering
Bentires-Alj Mohamed, Prof. Dr.Tumor Heterogeneity Metastasis and Resistance
Berger Christoph, PD Dr. med.Translational Immunology 
Bernsmeier Christine PD Dr. med.Translational Hepatology
Bettler Bernhard, Prof. Dr.Molecular Neurobiology Synaptic Plasticity
Bischofberger Josef, Prof. Dr.Cellular Neurophysiology
Bodmer Daniel, Prof. Dr. med.Inner Ear Research
Brink Marijke, Prof. Dr.CardioBiology
Cavelti-Weder Claudia, PD Dr. med.Translational Diabetes
Christofori Gerhard M., Prof. Dr.Tumor Biology
Cichon Sven, Prof. Dr.Human Genomics
De Geyter Christian, Prof. Dr. med.Gynecological Endocrinology
De Libero Gennaro, Prof. Dr. med.Experimental Immunology
Derfuss Tobias, Prof. Dr. med.Clinical Neuroimmunology
Donath Marc, Prof. Dr. med.Diabetes Research
Egli Adrian, PD Dr. med.Applied Microbiology Research
Filipowicz Sinnreich Magdalena, PD Dr.Liver Immunology
Finke Daniela, Prof. Dr.Developmental Immunology
Gründemann Jan, Prof. Dr.Sensory processing and behaviour
Guzman Raphael, Prof. Dr. med.Brain Ischemia and Regeneration
Hartmann Karin, Prof. Dr. med.Allergy and Immunity
Heim Markus, Prof. Dr. med.Hepatology
Heinzelmann Viola, Prof. Dr. med.Ovarian Cancer Research
Hess Christoph, Prof. Dr. med.Immunobiology
Hirsch Hans H., Prof. Dr. med.Transplantation and Clinical Virology
Holländer Georg, Prof. Dr.Pediatric Immunology
Hutter Gregor, Prof. Dr. medBrain Tumor Immunotherapy
Jeker Lukas, Prof. Dr.Molecular Immune Regulation
Kapfhammer Josef, Prof. Dr.Developmental Neurobiology and Regeneration
Kaufmann Beat, Prof. Dr. med.Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging
Khanna Gremmelmaier Nina, Prof. Dr. med.Infection Biology
King Carolyn, Prof. Dr.Immune Cell Biology
Klimkait Thomas, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.Molecular Virology
Kuhle Jens, Prof. Dr. med.Clinical Neuroimmunology
Kuster Pfister Gabriela, PD Dr. med.Myocardial Research
Kyburz Diego, Prof. Dr. med.Experimental Rheumatology
Läubli Heinz, Prof. Dr. medCancer Immunotherapy
Lengerke Claudia, Prof. Dr. med.Stem Cells and Hematopoiesis
Liechti Matthias, Prof. Dr.Psychopharmacology Research
Mariani Luigi, Prof. Dr. med.Brain Tumor Biology
Marsano Anna, PD Dr.Cardiac Surgery and Engineering
Martin Ivan, Prof. Dr.Tissue Engineering
Mehling Matthias, PD Dr. med.Translational Neuroimmunology
Meyer Sara, Prof. Dr. med.Myeloid Malignancies
Müller-Gerbl Magdalena, Prof. Dr.Musculoskeletal Research
Navarini Alexander Prof. Dr.Skin Biology
Neutzner Albert, PD Dr.Ocular Pharmacology and Physiology
Niess Jan, Prof. Dr. med.Gastroenterology
Pecho-Vrieseling Eline, Prof. Dr.Neuronal Development and Degeneration
Pinschewer Daniel, Prof. Dr. med.Experimental Virology
Piscuoglio Salvatore, Dr.Visceral Surgery and Precision Medicine
Pröbstel Anne-Katrin, PD Dr. med.Experimental Neuroimmunology
Recher Mike, Prof. Dr. med.Immunodeficiency
Rinaldi Barkat Tania, Prof. Dr.Brain and Sound
Roth Michael, Prof. Dr.Pulmonary Cell Research
Schaeren-Wiemers Nicole, Prof. Dr.Neurobiology
Schär Primo Leo, Prof. Dr.Genome Plasticity
Scherberich Arnaud, Prof. Dr.Bone Regeneration
Scholl Hendrik, Prof. Dr. med.Ocular Pharmacology and Physiology
Schwaller Jürg, Prof. Dr. med.Childhood Leukemia
Sinnreich Michael, Prof. Dr. med.Neuromuscular Research
Skoda Radek, Prof. Dr. med.Experimental Hematology
Spindler Volker, Prof. Dr. med.Cell Adhesion
Tamm Michael, Prof. Dr. med.Pulmonary Cell Research
Taylor Verdon, Prof. Dr.Embryology and Stem Cell Biology
Timper Katharina, PD Dr. med.Obesity Research
Trendelenburg Marten, Prof. Dr. med.Clinical Immunology
Treves Susan, Prof. Dr.Skeletal Muscle Disorders
Tussiwand Roxane, Prof. Dr.Immune Regulation
Wymann Matthias P., Prof. Dr.Cancer- and Immunobiology
Zeller Rolf, Prof. Dr.Developmental Genetics
Zippelius Alfred, Prof. Dr. med.Cancer Immunology
Zuniga Aimée, PD Dr.Developmental Genetics