Brain Tumor Immunotherapy and Biology

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Our group aims at finding novel, innovative treatment approaches against malignant brain tumors, especially glioblastoma. We focus on the immunosuppressive microenvironment, which is primarily composed of microglia and macrophages. Modulation of these cell types in mouse models and patient-derived explants will provide us with alternative treatment approaches against this disease. 

Microglia and macrophage modulation in GBM mouse models

We use genetically modified mouse models to reprogram microglia in the tumor context. 

Patient-derived explants and GBM organoids

We established a series of patient derived 3D GBM explants and organoids to assess therapeutic vulnerabilties.

Novel CAR T cells against GBM

We develop novel CAR T constructs that reprogram the immune compartment of GBM, and target the tumor simultaneously. 

Characterization of the regional GBM microenvironment

We characterize the GBM microenvironment in different regions of the same tumor to find microglia factors that promote tumor invasion.

Longitudinal analysis of the GBM immune compartment

We use multiomics to characterize treatment induced immune compartment changes in GBM. 

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