Bioinformatics Core Facility


The Bioinformatics Core Facility provides a centralized resource of expertise in computational biology and statistics. It offers solutions for analysis, visualization, management and interpretation of large-scale biological data, mainly produced by high-throughput genomics experiments. Beside the standardized approaches, the platform can also provide customized solutions tailored towards the needs of individual research projects.

The Bioinformatics Core Facility is individually training and advising researchers at the DBM. The facility also organises bioinformatics trainings in collaboration with computational biologists from the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research. These trainings comprise two full semester lecture series with exercises:

1. "Introduction to R", a hands-on course on the basic usage of R software with a focus on data exploration and visualization, and basic statistics.

2. Advanced course "Analysis of genomics data in R and Bioconductor" gives students an overview of typical Bioconductor based analysis pipelines including: NGS data processing, differential gene expression analysis, DNA binding analysis, working with sequence and annotation packages and visualization of genomic data.

The platform’s mission is to build and maintain an infrastructure that enables application of strong bioinformatics analysis to enhance and empower the biomedical research at the DBM. To keep track of the rapid technological advances and the growing number of bioinformatics approaches and tools, the Bioinformatics Core Facility closely interacts with other bioinformatics units in the Basel area (e.g. the group of Dr. Michael Stadler, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research and the center for scientific computing – sciCORE at the University of Basel).

The facility is part of Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics since January 2017.


Robert Ivanek's group at SIB