New DBM Building

By 2029, all DBM scientists will work in a new building on the Schällemätteli Life Sciences Campus

In order to further support our union as one department, all research groups, core facilities and staff of current five locations will move together under one roof. The new DBM building will complete the ongoing developments on the Schällemätteli Campus by joining the new buildings of the Biozentrum (2021) and the ETH Department of Biosystems Sciences and Engineering (2021) – creating a magnet for life science research in the Basel area with international impact. It will allow DBM scientists to interact more closely within the department but also with scientists of the neighboring institutions. These interactions are further strengthened by jointly operated research core facilities, providing access to state-of-the-art key technologies.

Foremost, the proximity of the DBM research labs to the University Clinics of the USB and UKBB will facilitate exchange and collaborations between scientists and physicians working on different disease areas using complementary approaches and methodologies. This interdisciplinary exchange is the basis for a quick translation form bench to bedside in order for newly generated knowledge to be rapidly used in the development of new diagnostics or therapies for the benefit of patients.

The new DBM building will create synergies that lead to professionalization of technical and research services and a more efficient operation. These operations are the key for creating a successful and competitive research environment, where researchers can work more efficiently in state-of-the-art laboratories, core facilities and infrastructures. To find the best building for the future Department of Biomedicine, University and Cantons Basellandschaft and Basel-Stadt performed an anonymous architecture competition in 2015. The winning project convinced the jury with its urban planning, architectural character and effective and flexible integration of the user requirements. The 9-floor building will have an effective area of 17’500 m2 and will be the new home for the more than 800 DBM employees. It will be owned and built by the University of Basel on a budget of 241 Mio CHF. The planning phase will last until 2023, realization until 2028 and the planned handover to the DBM is beginning of 2029.


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