Publication Guidelines

Before submitting a manuscript to a journal, check that your study meets all the requirements regarding experimental and data transparency.

Responsible Authorship
Addressing authorship and authorship priority at the beginning of a study can reduce the risk for disagreements, however, this is not always possible in discovery-based research. As an author, you should have access to raw data and its analysis, and always sign off on the final version of a manuscript before submission. Authors can request correction or retraction when they discover errors post-publication. External partners (sponsors, industry), who meet the requirements for authorship or acknowledgement must be appropriately listed and their industry affiliation must be disclosed in the published article. Individuals should not be provided with a "gift" authorship as an attempt to increase the likelihood of publication. For details about ghost, guest and gift authors see this article
Authorship of a scientific manuscript should be limited to those individuals who have contributed in a meaningful and substantial way. All authors should fairly evaluate their roles in the project according to published standards of the University of Basel

Correct Affiliation
Information on correct affiliation can befound here.

Open Access Publications
The University of Basel supports Open Access publications. In case the charges cannot be covered by third-party funding, the University will provide a complementary fund. Fo more information click here.

Disclosure of Funding and Other Support
Authors should acknowledge the source for all activities leading to the data and manuscript including third-party funding and technical or other meaningful support from core facilities.

Individuals who contribute to the study but do not fulfil the criteria for authorship should be acknowledged with their contributing role.

Disclosure of Financial Interests and External Activities
Authors should fully disclose related financial interests and and/or interests due to other affiliations (e.g., a startup, mandates, employments). See also here.

Recusal from Committee Decisions
Individuals must recuse themselves from decisions if the decision relates to a person to whom they have a private or professional relationship with criteria of a conflict of interest. More information can be found here.