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Cell therapy meets the very latest in gene editing: start-up Cimeio joins forces with Prime Medicine (Jeker Lab)


In combination with cutting-edge gene editing technology, Cimeio's approach for gentler cell therapies takes a big step forward. (Image: Adobe Stock)

Gentler cell therapies for blood cancer and other serious blood diseases – this is the goal that Cimeio Therapeutics, a University of Basel spin-off, has set itself. The start-up has been able to make a great step forward together with a company that offers a pioneering method for the targeted editing of genes.

A donation of healthy blood stem cells can be a game-changer for leukemia sufferers. However, this kind of treatment places a heavy burden on the body, as the patient’s own blood stem cells must first be removed by means of chemotherapy before the new, healthy ones can be injected.

The start-up Cimeio Therapeutics wants to make blood stem cell transplants easier on the body. At the core of this vision is an approach developed by Dr. Romina Matter-Marone, Dr. Rosalba Lepore and Professor Lukas Jeker from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel. The collaboration between Cimeio and Prime Medicine brings the day when this technology is actually used in patients’ treatment a good deal closer.

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