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Day of Immunology April 29th 2024


To celebrate the Day of Immunology 2024, we are bringing Immunology to the schools! Although the Day of Immunology itself falls on Monday 29th of April, practical scheduling and timetable issues mean that we cannot hold out planned event on the date itself, but rather a couple of weeks later on Wednesday May 15th.


We will be visiting school classes to introduce the students to the exciting world of immunology. We are planing to hold a presentation to answer questions such as: "What is the immune system?" and "What does it mean to be "immune"?" Additionally, we will explain how we can leverage the immune system for our benefit, focusing on the impact of vaccinations, an experience many have had due to the pandemic. This approach aims to connect our presentation with everyday life. Finally, we plan to conclude our visit with some questions for the students. The participant with the most correct answers will receive a small prize. 

This event is being sponsored by the Basel Research Center for Child Health (BRCCH).