TMA Master II available in 2022

Dear HCF Users,

according with our budget equipment proposal 2021, we should acquire at the HCF in 2022 a new piece of equipment: a TMA Master II, from 3D Histech.

The equipment is suitable for the preparation of Tissue Micro Arrays and possibly, in parallel, for the collection of tissues for -omics application.

More info available at the following links:




Histology Core Facility Zoom user meeting 15.04.2021

Slide scanner and image analysis software available at the HCF

In April 2020 we have received the new slide scanner Hamamatsu Nanozoomer S60 and the new image analysis software Indica Labs Halo.

The NanoZoomer S60 is a scanner that convert glass slides into high-resolution digital data by high-speed scanning.

The new slide scanner is particularly suitable for batch acquisition (up to 60 standard slides per run) of tissue slices stained by chemical dyes or by immunohistochemistry. It is also equipped with a standard fluorescence lamp that allows for the acquisition of fluorescent assays* in the 3 standard colors (DAPI, FITC, TRITC).

* Note, other equipment at the DBM are more suitable and performant for this range of application.


HALO is the gold standard image analysis platform for quantitative tissue analysis in digital pathology.

With unmatched ease-of-use and scalability, powerful analytic capabilities, and the fastest processing speeds available for digital pathology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and research organizations worldwide are using HALO for high-throughput, quantitative tissue analysis in oncology, neuroscience, metabolism, toxicology and more.  



Histology Core Facility Service available now

The Histology Core Facility can now provide a Service for the development of new methods.

Please visit our Service web page for more details.

Roche Ventana BenckMark ULTRA

The new Roche Ventana autostainer is up and running at the new Histology Core Facility in Pestalozzistrasse 20.

The use of this equipment is limited to the facility staff and is under the service platform, which will be soon implemented.