Important Information


The Histology Core Facility, currently located at Hebelstrasse 20, will be moved to Pestalozzistrasse 20 on Tuesday, April 9th.

All the equipment*, will be transferred to the new Histology Core Facility by the end of the week 15. The new facility will be located at Pestalozzistrasse 20, at the Anatomy Department, first floor, labs 104-105 ( ).

All the equipment is currently locked and not available for reservation in the IRIS system, and cannot be used as starting from Monday, April 8th from 8.00 AM, at least until the end of the week.

The moving plan is at moment as follow, but might change without further communication, if necessary.


April 8th                           Facility equipment cleaning & packing (slides, blocks, and all other items not belonging the Facility will be disposed!! You are kindly asked to remove your samples from the facility before. The facility will not be responsible for samples lost or disposed)

April 9th 8.00 AM              The moving company will pick up boxes and equipment and will transfer them to Pestalozzistrasse 20

April 10th-April 12th          Equipment setup and troubleshooting

From April 15th                 All the equipment normally functioning will be available for booking for all the DBM users as usual.


As in the past, the use of all the basic equipment will be free of charge for all the DBM groups.


In the following weeks we plan to gradually implement the new service platform: the development and/or the running of basic and advanced methods can be “outsourced” to the facility**.


As starting from Monday, April 15th, you are all more than welcome to come by to visit the new facility, and, of course to run your experiments.


*Except one cryostat and one vibratome. In the following weeks, also a microtome will be provided to Prof. Mariani’s group at Hebelstrasse 20. These devices will be available at Hebelstrasse for all the groups and for those experiments that cannot be performed at Pestalozzistrasse for technical reasons (e.g. biosafety and/or unfixed tissues). All the equipment at Hebelstrasse will not be supervised by the Histology Facility staff anymore and will be under the responsibility of the hosting groups (i.e. Banfi for the cryostat, Lindberg / Derfuss for the vibratome, Mariani for the microtome). The training for microtome and cryostat use will be still provided on demand by the facility staff only at Pestalozzistrasse 20.

**The service implies the payment of a fee for covering the reagents expenses. Prices and available services will be provided on demand.

Roche Ventana BenckMark ULTRA

The new Roche Ventana autostainer is up and running at the new Histology Core Facility in Pestalozzistrasse 20.

The use of this equipment is limited to the facility staff and is under the service platform, which will be soon implemented.