MD-PhD Programm at the DBM

Second education in Biology for talented medical students who are interested in scientific research. Trained MD-PhDs should be qualified to actively participate and shape interdisziplinary and transfacultary research projects.


1. Students can be provisionally admitted into the MD PhD program of Basel University at the master-study level (3rd year).  Applications are evaluated by the Basel University MD PhD Selection Committee.  A formal evaluation of provisionally admitted students is being carried out during the final year of medical school (submission on Dec. 15th of the respective year).

 2. Students aiming to perform an MD PhD at Basel University should conduct an experimental Master thesis.

 3. Students aiming to perform an MD PhD at Basel University are encouraged to visit a ”summer school“ or an equivalent research-oriented program during their medical studies.

 4. Students aiming to perform an MD PhD at Basel University are encouraged to actively participate in a research program during their fifth year (“Wahlstudienjahr”).

 5. Students that have passed the formal evaluation and have been admitted to the Basel University MD PhD Program are required to adhere to a predefined reporting system. The reporting system includes an early report to assure proper commencement (6 months into the program), followed by annual reports by the student signed off by the supervisor, and review of the annual report by a member of the MD PhD commission.

Application: December 15

MD-PhD Fellowship awardee from the SNF


  • Mali Cristina Coray, Atypical chemokine receptors in multiple sclerosis – chemokine availability and clinical potential
  • Maurizio Cortada, Investigating mTOR function in the mammalian inner ear
  • Philip Schmassmann, Synergistic activation of microglia by targeting CD47 and Siglecs


  • Philippe Georg Dehio, Serine metabolism and T cell migration
  • Tanay Kaymak, Investigations on the role of IL-20 cytokine family members in eosinophilic esophagitis
  • Marie-Anne Meier, Molecular signature of extracellular vesicles in liver cancer: effects of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and response to Sorafenib


  • Benedikt Jonas Meyer, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel and Basel University Hospital


  • Lukas Enz, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel
  • Julie Jin, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel
  • Jordan Loeliger, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel
  • Jonas Lötscher, Departement Biomedizin, Universität Basel