Yves Hartmann
Technology / laboratory / infrastructure
Yves Hartmann
Medizinische Fakult├Ąt
Zentrale Dienste DBM Hebelstrasse

Technology / laboratory / infrastructure

Departement Biomedizin
DBM Hebelstrasse - Zentrale Dienste
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 66 76

Coordination of the areas of

  • occupational safety & health protection
  • biosafety
  • chemical safety
  • radiation protection
  • laser protection
  • hazardous waste disposal
  • dangerous goods
  • fire protection
  • security.

Internal "single point of contact" for the :

  • House representatives of these safety areas
  • house directors
  • management team
  • research group leaders and
  • employees.

First point of contact for external bodies such as the

  • coordinator of occupational health and safety at the University of Basel (UniBas),
  • Safety & Environment Department of the University Hospital Basel (USB),
  • Occupational Health and Safety Office of the University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB),
  • cantonal and federal authorities (KCB/AUE/AWA/SUVA/BAFU/BAG/SECO).

Support of expectant mothers and research group leaders in defining the necessary maternity protection measures.

Leads the DBM's internal cross-site crisis management, e.g. during a pandemic.