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AntiResist receives second round of funding (Khanna Lab, Boeck Lab, King Lab, Zampieri Lab)

Escherichia coli ©-Micronaut

Escherichia coli ©-Micronaut

The National Center of Competence in Research "AntiResist" has successfully secured a second four-year grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. This funding will enable the researchers to continue their crucial work in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Antibiotics play a vital role in treating severe bacterial infections and safeguarding patients with compromised immune systems. However, more and more bacteria are becoming resistant. In response to this global challenge, the National Centre of Competence in Research "New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria" (NCCR AntiResist) is dedicated to developing innovative strategies to address infections. With the additional funding from the SNF they aim to develop new anti-infectious approaches. Both the SNF and the University of Basel have increased their support, following the consistently positive evaluation. 

Alongside Professor Nina Khanna, who also serves as a deputy director in this prestigious national program, three other research groups from the DBM will contribute to overcoming bacterial resistance over the next four years. The DBM extends its congratulations to Nina Khanna, Lucas Boeck, Carolyn King, Mattia Zampieri, and all other members of the competence center for this achievement.