Biopolar Disorder

The Cichon group and members of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium have dioscovered 20 new loci associated with bipolar disorder

These GWAS study coordinated by the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium identified nine gene sets that provide potential biological mechanisms for bipolar disorder and that address key clinical questions The study was recently publisehd in...
Neurons in the Amygdala, image: Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Jan Gründemann and FMI's Lüthi lab investigated the activity of mouse basal amygdala neurons during different behavioural tasks

Jan Gründemann and researches of the laboratory of Andreas Lüthi at the Friederich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Sciences (FMI) have shown that two ensembles of neurons display orthogonal activity during exploratory and nonexploratory...
European Research Council

The European Research Council awards Nicola Aceto a Proof of Concept Grant

With the ERC Proof of Concept Grant, the Aceto lab will furhter develop small molecule inhibitors of circulating tumor cell clusters.
Image: Pixabay | CC0

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A team of researchers led by Momo Bentires-Alj discoverd how stress hormones promote breast cancer metastasis

The researchers from the Bentires lab elucidated the molecular mechanisms by which stress hormones increase metastasis formation in breast cancer and further revealed that synthetic derivatives of these stress hormones, which are...
New DBM Building

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The New DBM Building will be realized by the Basel-based architecture firm Burckhardt+Partner

For details please see the Uninews (in german) or visit the New DBM Building website.
Pfizer Forschungsstiftung

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Daniela Thommen and co-workers from the Cancer Immunology lab were awarded a 2019 Pfizer Research Prize

The researchers were honoured  for discovering a novel method for increasing the success rate of cancer immunotherapies targeting the PD-1 signaling pathway. Since 1992, the Pfizer Research Prize has been awarded annually for outstanding...
Neutrophils and CTCs

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Nicola Aceto and co-workers identified immune cells that enhance the metastatic potential of circulating tumor cells

The research team discovered the mechanism by which neutrophils, a specific set of immune cells, protect circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the bloodstream of cancer patients. The interaction between CTCs and neutrophils is mediated by a...
Cancer Cell Logo

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The Christofori lab discovered a novel combination therapy, which triggers a conversion of malignant breast cancer cells into fat cells.

The researchers took advantage of the property of tumor cells to adapt dynamically to changing conditions. Using two established drugs, they could re-differentiate cancer cells to non-dividing fat cells.
CTC cluster in microfluidic device

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The Aceto Lab finds that clustering of circulating tumor cells results in DNA hypomethylation and metastasis formation. These effects can be reversed by an approved drug.

The most dangerous aspect of breast cancer is the formation of metastases, which are seeded by circulating tumor cell clusters (CTC clusters). The team around Nicola Aceto has now discovered that the binding sites for stemness- and...

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The European Research Council awards Lukas Jeker an ERC Consolidator Grant

With the 2.4 Million Euro grant by the European Research Council, the Jeker lab will further investigate the inner workings of immune cells on a molecular level with the aim to use genetic immune cell reprogramming to develop novel...