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National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR): “AntiResist”

Basel will host the new NCCR that focuses on novel approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Prof. Nina Khanna and Prof. Adrian Egli from the Department of Biomedicine and University Hospital will have a leading role in the…

Tanja Rinaldi Barkat’s research group shows white noise improves hearing

In collaboration with researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Rasmus Kordt Christensen and colleagues revealed that hearing pure sounds becomes more precise with a background of continuous white noise, better than in a quiet…

Jürg Schwaller and collaborators explain why some forms of leukemia develop only in infants. (Journal of Cancer Discovery)

Why some forms of leukemia only affect children

Autoimmunkrankheiten: Basel ist wichtiger Partner bei grosser europäischer Forschungsoffensive

Autoimmune, entzündliche und allergische Erkrankungen sind verbreitete chronische Erkrankungen, die das Leben von Millionen Menschen in aller Welt beeinträchtigen. Sie sind auch ein signifikanter Faktor bei den Gesundheitskosten. Nun will…
Kashyap Cell Reports 2019

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Members of the Zippelius lab and collaborators revealed how microtubule destabilitzing chemotherapy promotes protective anti-tumor immunity.

In collaboration with researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Abhishek Kashyap and colleagues found that microtubule destabilization in dendritic cells results in the release of the guanine nucleotide…

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The Hess and Recher labs identify the disease mechanism of a hitherto unknown primary antibody defciency

The researchers identified a gain-of-function mutation in the metabolic enzyme SDHA, which leads to an accumulation of fumarate and causes inflamatory mitochondrial retrograde signaling as a disease modifier in primary antibody…
The image depicts Id4 (blue) and GFAP (black) expression in genetically labeled stem cells and their progeny (magenta) in the hippocampus of the mouse brain. The image presents an artistic coloration of the spatial and molecular factors in a niche. (Image: University of Basel)

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Verdon Taylor and collaborators identified a signalling pathway that maintains neural stem cell quiescence in adult mouse brain

In their study that was recently published in Cell Reports they discovered a central role fot the Notch2 effector Id4. Id4 not only blocks cell cycle entry but also promotes astrocytic differentiation of hippocampal neural stem cells. …
Basel Stadt

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Nina Khanna Gremmelmaier receives the 2019 research prize by the city of Basel

The DBM congratulates Nina Khanna Gremmelmaier, research group leader of the Infection Biology lab, to this acheivement! Official press release Uninews BZ
Natural killer cells (red) attack ordinary leukaemia cells (green), but not leukaemia stem cells (blue).

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Claudia Lengerke and collaborators discovered how Leukaemia Stem Cells develop resistance against immune cells and suggest novel treatment strategies for patients

The Lengerke Lab elucidated how Leukaemia Stem Cells evade the attack by Natural Killer cells and suggest novel strategies for therapy. Their findings have recently been published in Nature.  Uninews

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Three prestigious national MD-PhD scholarships awarded to DBM students

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation award each year a limited number of competitive three-year MD-PhD scholarships. Repeating the success of…