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Researchers from the De Libero Group discovered how MAIT cells, specific immune cells in the gut, sense the metabolic state of enteric bacteria.

Their study, which was recently published in the Journal Mucosal Immunology, shows that the colon environment contributes to mucosal immunosurveillance by directly affecting bacterial metabolism, and indirectly controlling MAIT cell…

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Mimicking the molecular processes occurring during embryonic cartilage formation, researchers from the Martin Group succeeded in “developmentally engineering” cartilage tissue from adult human mesenchymal stromal cells.

Their findings were recently published in PNAS. Uninews

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The DBM welcomes Prof. Alexander Navarini as new research group leader and Professor of Dermatology.

Prof. Navarini (link) will be the successor of Prof. Peter Itin (link) as Professor of Dermatology and will build up his lab at the DBM as of November 1, 2018.His research focuses on the genetics of neutrophil-mediated dermatoses and on the…

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The Jeker lab has developed an in vivo technique to quickly and reliably edit primary T cells.

Using this method, they were able to repair a mutation in the FOXP3 gene that causes severe autoimmune diseases in mice. The findings have been published in The Journal of Immunology and also open up new perspectives for the development of…

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The Immunobiology laboratory has identified a subcellular structure abundant in memory CD8 T cells that orchestrates the metabolic reprogramming events required for a rapid immune-recall response.

Their findings have been published in Immunity. Uninews

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The Skoda lab has identified an inherited mutation in the EPO gene and revealed the mechanism by which this mutation leads to erythrocytosis.

Their findings were recently published in “The New England Journal of Medicine”. Uninews

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The Niess lab found that expression levels of the cytokine IL-19 are increased in ulcerative colitis patients and in a mouse model.

They hypothesise that microbial-driven IL-19 expression by intestinal macrophages can lead to inflammatory bowel disease. Their findings were recently published in The Journal of Immunology.University Hospital Basel press release

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Gregor Hutter was awarded an SNSF Professorship

Gregor Hutter was awarded an SNSF Professorship and will become DBM research group leader at DBM-Hebelstrasse in 2018. Uninews

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Bénédict Fallet and Kerstin Narr from the Experimental Virology lab were awarded the 2018 Pfizer Research Prize

The researchers were honoured for their work on the mechanism of chronic virus infections. Since 1992, the Pfizer Research Prize has been awarded annually for outstanding work in basic medical research and clinical research. At the …

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Prof. Ludwig Kappos receives the research prize by the Roman, Marga und Mareille Sobek foundation

The prestigious award for basic multiple sclerosis research is endowed with 100'000 Euro. Uninews