Selected Publications

Acevedo Rua L, Mumme M, Manferdini C, Darwiche S, Khalil A, Hilpert M, Buchner DA, Lisignoli G, Occhetta P, von Rechenberg B, Haug M, Schäfer D, Jakob M, Caplan A, Martin I, Barbero A, Pelttari K. Engineered nasal cartilage for the repair of osteoarthritic knee cartilage defects. Sci Transl Med 13(609):eaaz4499 (2021)

Gryadunova A, Kasamkattil, Gay MHP, Dasen B, Pelttari K, Mironov V, Schären S, Barbero A, Krukova O, Mehrkens A. Nose to Spine: spheroids generated by human nasal chondrocytes for scaffold-free nucleus pulposus augmentation. Acta Biomater 134:240-251 (2021)

Chawia S, Berkelaar MHM, Dasen B, Halleux C, Guth-Gundler S, Kramer I, Ghosh S, Martin I, Barbero A, Occhetta P. Blockage of bone morphogenetic protein signalling counteracts hyperthrophy in a human osteoarthritic micro-cartilage model. J Cell Scie 133(23):jcs249094 (2020).

Asnaghi MA, Power L, Barbero A, Haug M, Köppl R, Wendt D, Martin I. Biomarker signatures of quality for engineering nasal chondrocyte-derived cartilage. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 8 :283 (2020).

Occhetta P, Mainardi A, Votta E, Vallmajo-Martin Q, Ehrbar M, Martin I, Barbero A, Rasponi M. Hyper-physiological compression triggers osteoarthritic features in a cartilage-on-chip model. Nat Biomed Eng 3: 545-557 (2019).

Occhetta P, Pigeot S, Rasponi M, Dasena B, Mehrkens A, Ullrich T, Kramer I, Guth-Gundel S, Barbero A, Martin I. Developmentally inspired programming of adult human mesenchymal stromal cells towards stable chondrogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 115: 4625-4630 (2018).

Stuedle C, Vallmajo-Martin Q, Haumer A, Guerrero J, Centola M, Mehrkens A, Schaefer DJ, Ehrbar M, Barbero A, Matin I.  Spatially confined induction of endochondral ossification by functionalized hydrogels for ectopic engineering of osteochondral tissues. Biomaterials 171: 219-229 (2018).

Mumme M, Barbero A, Miot S, Wixmerten A, Feliciano S, Wolf F, Asnaghi MA, Baumhoer D, Bieri O, Kretzschmar M, Pagenstert G, Haug M, Schaefer DJ, Martin I, Jakob M. Nasal chondrocytes-based engineered autologous cartilage tissue for the repair of articular cartilage defect: an observational first-in-human trial. Lancet 388: 337-346 (2016).

Pelttari K, Pippenger B, Mumme M, Feliciano S, Scotti C, Mainil-Varlet P, Procino A, von Rechenberg B, Schwamborn T, Jakob M, Cillo C, Barbero A, Martin I. Adult human neural crest-derived cells for articular cartilage repair. Sci Transl Med 6: 251, 251ra119 (2014).

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