Selected Publications

Kucharava K, Brand Y, Albano G, Sekulic-Jablanovic M, Glutz A, Xian X, Herz J, Bodmer D, Fuster DG and Pet-kovic V (2020). Sodium-hydrogen exchanger 6 (NHE6) deficiency leads to hearing loss, via reduced endosomal signalling through the BDNF/Trk pathway. Sci Rep 10, 3609.

Kucharava K, Sekulic-Jablanovic M, Horvath L, Bodmer D and Petkovic V (2019). Pasireotide protects mammalian cochlear hair cells from gentamicin ototoxicity by activating the PI3K-Akt pathway. Cell death & disease 10, 110.

Setz C, Benischke AS, Pinho Ferreira Bento AC, Brand Y, Levano S, Paech F, Leitmeyer K and Bodmer D (2018). Induction of mitophagy in the HEI-OC1 auditory cell line and activation of the Atg12/LC3 pathway in the organ of Corti. Hearing research 361, 52–65.

Ebnoether E, Ramseier A, Cortada M, Bodmer D and Levano-Huaman S (2017). Sesn2 gene ablation enhances susceptibility to gentamicin-induced hair cell death via modulation of AMPK/mTOR signaling. Cell Death Discov 3, 17024.

Sekulic-Jablanovic M, Petkovic V, Wright MB, Kucharava K, Huerzeler N, Levano S, Brand Y, Leitmeyer K, Glutz A, Bausch A et al. (2017). Effects of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPAR)-gamma and -alpha agonists on cochlear protection from oxidative stress. PloS one 12, e0188596.