Selected Publications

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Ishay Ronen, D., Diepenbruck, M., Kalathur, R.K.R., Sugiyama, N., Tiede, S., Ivanek, R., Bantug, G., Morini, M.F., Wang J., Hess, C., and Christofori, G. (2019) Gain fat – lose metastasis: Converting invasive breast cancer cells into adipocytes. Cancer Cell 35, 17-32.

Meyer-Schaller, N., Cardner, M., Diepenbruck, M., Saxena, M., Tiede S., Lüönd. F., Ivanek, R., Beerenwinkel, N., and Christofori, G. (2019) A hierarchical regulatory landscape during the multiple stages of EMT. Dev. Cell 48, 539-553. 

Diepenbruck, M., Tiede, S., Saxena, M., Ivanek, R., Lüönd, F., Meyer-Schaller, N., and Christofori, G. (2017) miR-1199-5p and Zeb1: a double-negative feedback loop coordinating EMT and tumour metastasis. Nature Comm. 8, 1168.