Selected Publications

Marhold, M., Kramer, G., Krainer, M., Le Magnen C. (2022) The Prostate Cancer Landscape in Europe: Current challenges, future opportunities. Cancer Lett. 526:304-10.

Servant, R., Garioni, M., Vlajnic, T., Blind, M., Pueschel, H., Müller, D. C., Zellweger, T., Templeton, A. J., Garofoli, A., Maletti, S., Piscuoglio, S., Rubin, M. A., Seifert, H. H., Rentsch, C. A., Bubendorf, L., and Le Magnen, C. (2021). Prostate cancer patient-derived organoids: detailed outcome from a prospective cohort of 81 clinical specimens. J Pathol. 254(5):543-55.

Federer-Gsponer, J. R., Muller, D. C., Zellweger, T., Eggimann, M., Marston, K., Ruiz, C., Seifert, H. H., Rentsch, C. A., Bubendorf, L., and Le Magnen, C. (2020). Patterns of stemness-associated markers in the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer. Prostate. 80: 1108-1117.

Le Magnen, C., Shen, M.M., and Abate-Shen, C. (2018) Lineage plasticity in cancer progression and treatment. Annu. Rev. Cancer Biol 2: 271-289.

Dutta, A.*, Le Magnen, C.*, Mitrofanova, A., Ouyang, X., Califano, A., and Abate-Shen, C. (2016). Identification of an NKX3.1-G9a-UTY transcriptional regulatory network that controls prostate differentiation. Science 352(6293):1576-80.* Equal contribution

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