Selected Publications

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Nusser A, Nuber N, Wirz OF, Rolink H, AnderssonJ, Rolink A. (2014) The developmentof autoimmune features in aging mice isclosely associated with alterations of theperipheral CD4(+) T-cell compartment. Europeanjournal of immunolo- gy 44, 2893–2902

Swee LK, Nusser A, Curti M, Kreuzaler M, RolinkH, Terracciano L, Melchers F, AnderssonJ, Rolink A. (2014) The amount of selfantigendetermines the effector functionof murine T cells escaping negative selection.European journal of immunology 44,1299–1312

Tsapogas P, Swee LK, Nusser A, Nuber N,Kreuzaler M, Capoferri G, Rolink H, CeredigR, Rolink A. (2014) In vivo evidencefor an instructive role of fms-like tyrosinekinase-3 (FLT3) ligand in hematopoieticdevelopment. Haematologica 99, 638–646

von Muenchow L, Engdahl C, Karjalainen K,Rolink AG. (2014). The selection of matureB cells is critically dependent on theexpression level of the co-receptor CD19.Immunology letters 160, 113–119