Selected Publications

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Leonards K, Almosailleakh M, Tauchmann S, Bagger FO, Thirant C, Juge S, Bock T, Mereau H, Bezerra MF, Tzankov A, et al. (2020). Nuclear interacting SET domain protein 1 inactivation impairs GATA1-regulated erythroid differentiation and causes erythroleukemia. Nat Commun 11, 2807. 

Fisher JN, Thanasopoulou A, Juge S, Tzankov A, Bagger FO, Mendez MA, Peters A, and Schwaller J. (2020). Transforming activities of the NUP98-KMT2A fusion gene associated with myelodysplasia and acute myeloid leukemia. Haematologica 105, 1857–1867. 

Lopez CK, Noguera E, Stavropoulou V, Robert E, Aid Z, Ballerini P, Bilhou-Nabera C, Lapillonne H, Boudia F, Thirant C, et al. (2019). Ontogenic Changes in Hematopoietic Hierarchy Determine Pediatric Specificity and Disease Phenotype in Fusion Oncogene-Driven Myeloid Leukemia. Cancer Discov 9, 1736–1753.

Stavropoulou V, Almosailleakh M, Royo H, Spetz JF, Juge S, Brault L, Kopp P, Iacovino M, Kyba M, Tzankov A, et al. (2018). A Novel Inducible Mouse Model of MLL-ENL-driven Mixed-lineage Acute Leukemia. Hemasphere 2, e51.