Flow Cytometry Facility - Analyzers

The following analyzers are available for independent use after training. To schedule an induction or book the training or consultation, don't hesitate to contact the DBM Flow Team at flowteam-dbm@clutterunibas.ch.

Cytek Aurora

Cytek® Aurora – two at Hebelstrasse and one at Mattenstrasse

The Aurora provides full spectra flow cytometry analysis from 365-829 nm. All three Auroras at DBM are equipped with five spatially separated lasers: 355nm (20mW) / 405nm (100mW) /488nm (50mW) / 561nm (50mW) / 640nm (80mW), three scattering channels (488nm FSC/SSC, 405nm SSC), and 64 fluorescence channels. Acquisition speed of up to 29,000 events/s and measurement of the volume acquired during recording is also possible. Combined loader for 5ml tube, 5ml tube rack and 96 well plate allows automatization of the acquisition process.

The detection over the entire emission spectra allows the simultaneous use of very similar dyes and the detection of very similar fluorescent proteins. It extends the number of markers that can be collected in one sample. The Aurora can resolve rare and dim signals thanks to its low-noise technology. Autofluorescence can be corrected and extracted as a parameter during the measurement, defining multiple cell populations with different autofluorescence and improving the detection of weak fluorescence markers.

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BD LSR Fortessa SORP 1

BD LSRFortessa – three at Hebelstrasse and one at Mattenstrasse

Five lasers (355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm), 18 fluorescence parameters and the fast acquisition make Fortesas analysers of choice for trained DBM researchers using, typically, up to 12-colour multiparameter panels.

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BC Cytoflex 1

BC CytoFLEX– four at Hebelstrasse and two at Mattenstrasse

The facility at Hebelstrasse is provided with four CytoFLEX analysers:
Two CytoFLEX S (CytoFLEX 1 and 3) have four lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm), up to 13 fluorescence colours simultaneously detectable, and both tube and 96-well plate loaders. CytoFLEX 2 is equipped with three lasers (405nm, 488nm, 640nm), up to 11 different fluorescence channels, and both tube and 96-well plate loader systems; CytoFLEX 4 has a tube loader system only, two lasers (488nm and 640nm) can detect up to 5 fluorescence parameters.

At Mattenstrasse we have two CytoFLEX analysers:
CytoFLEX S with four lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm 640nm) and CytoFLEX LX with five lasers (355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm 640nm).

The CytoFLEX is controlled by intuitive software (CytExpert®), allowing one to perform a wide range of multicolour experiments with short training.

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Amnis ImageStream

Amnis ImageStreamX MkII

The ImageStreamX Mk II has three objectives, 20x, 40x and 60x, as well as four lasers, 405nm, 488nm, 560nm and 658nm. It delivers multiple images of every cell in flow, including brightfield, darkfield (SSC), and up to 10 fluorescent markers at an acquisition speed of up to 5,000 cells per second.

Flow cytometry's speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities are combined with the detailed imagery and functional insights of fluorescence microscopy. This unique combination enables a broad range of applications typical for microscopy, quantified on the high number of cells: translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, the study of cell organelles, changes in cell morphology, internalization, co-locatization, cell-to-cell interactions etc.

Detailed analysis of intensity, location, and co-location of probes is achieved using IDEAS® (Image Data Exploration and Analysis Software). IDEAS offers powerful tools for high content, statistically robust analysis of images, standard flow cytometry graphing tools and statistics for hundreds of morphological features in addition to intensity.

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