Flow Cytometry Facility - Analyzers

The following analyzers are available for our researchers. Please contact the flow cytometry facility staff to schedule an introduction or if you have any questions regarding the services provided. 

Cytek Aurora

Cytek Aurora

The Aurora, with five lasers (355 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm), three scattering channels, and 64 fluorescence channels of detection over the full emission spectra in the 365-829 nm range, is one of the best Spectral Analysers in the market. It is provided with a sensor to measure the volume acquired during recording, and it can load 12x75mm polystyrene and polypropylene tubes.
In terms of number of fluorocromes combination and resolution (up to 40 colours panels, so far) it is the most powerful tool in the facility. The Aurora is able to resolve rare and dim signals thanks to its low-noise technology and to the capability of its SpectroFlo® software to extract the autofluorescence as a parameter.

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BD LSR Fortessa SORP 1

BD LSRFortessa

Three identically configured five laser, twenty parameter LSRFortessas (BD Biosciences) are available for trained users. These cytometers offer high sensitivity detection of up to 18 fluorescent labels, at 20K cells per second, paired with easy to use intuitive software. Excitation lasers at 355nm, 405nm, 488nm 561nm and 640nm.

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BC Cytoflex 1


The facility is provided with 4 CytoFLEX: one is equipped with 2 lasers (488nm and 640nm), it can detect up to 5 fluorescence colours and has a tube loader system; one is equipped with 3 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 640nm), up to 11 different fluorescence channels, and both tube and 96-well plate loader systems; two CytoFLEX S have 4 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm 640nm), up to 13 fluorescence colours simultaneously detectable, and both tube and 96-well plate loaders.
The CytoFLEX is controlled by an intuitive software (CytExpert®) allowing to perform a wide range of multicolour experiments, with a short training. This software along with a 96-well plate reader enables this instrument for automation, multi-experiment designing and high-throughput read out, yet with a small footprint.

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Amnis ImageStream

Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II

This instrument combines the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. This unique combination enables a broad range of applications, such as, translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, differentiation of cells populations by cell morphology, internalization and co-locatization... - the possibility of applications is extremely broad. 

The ImageStreamX Mk II has 4 lasers, 405nm, 488nm, 560nm and 658nm and delivers multiple images of every cell in flow, including brightfield, darkfield (SSC), and up to 10 fluorescent markers at up to 5,000 cells per second.

Detailed analysis of intensity, location, and co-location of probes is achieved using IDEAS® (Image Data Exploration and Analysis Software). IDEAS offers powerful tools for high content, statistically robust analysis of images, as well as standard flow cytometry graphing tools and statistics for hundreds of morphological features in addition to intensity.

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