PhD General Information

The following guidelines apply for all PhD students at the DBM enrolling at the Faculty of Science of the University of Basel.

Every new PhD student at the DBM, who matriculated at the Faculty of Science, should contact the DBM Coordinator, Susan Treves, by e-mail to set up an appointment.

Note: Due to the special situation, all documents (signed doctoral agreement, guidelines, PaC meeting protocol) can be submitted electronically.This situation, however may change in the upcoming months.

DBM PhD Coordinator

Department of Biomedicine
University Hospital Basel
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Salvisberg

Information for new doctoral students

Additionally Required Documents

Faculty of Science

Student Services - Matriculation

Matriculation is compulsory for doctoral students at the University of Basel. Section 19 (6) of the University of Basel student regulations states that: “The doctoral student has to be matriculated at the earliest possible date and to remain registered for the entire duration of doctoral studies.”
Please note that matriculation at the University of Basel or at another university (within the framework of a cooperation scheme) is a mandatory requirement of your employment contract. Your employment contract will be terminated if admission to doctoral studies at the University of Basel or a required permit (residence or work permit) is not granted or extended, and/or if you fail to be matriculated within 6 months.

For matriculation one of the supervisors has to be acknowledged within the dissertation topic and the Faculty of Science, and has to confirm the application (letter to Student Services). Every structural professor of the Faculty of Science (e.g. Biozentrum) can serve this function. But, only a number of professors in the DBM are accredited - please see guidelines!

I. before you start matriculation

  • read guidelines of the DBM PhD Program

  • get in contact with the DBM PhD coordinator

  • Who are your supervisors? You need 2 supervisors accredited by the Faculty of Science (we are in the Medical Faculty!), and one external expert – think in advance and see the information needed for a doctoral agreement!

II. Online application

  • Student Services: approves the documents
  • Transfer of the documents to the Promotionsausschuss (PA) of the Faculty of Science
  • PA approves matriculation and asks for the signed doctoral agreement
  • Deadlines for matriculation:
    • January 4th for Spring Semester
    • July 31st for Fall Semester

III. Documents needed: 

see details on the Website



Faculty of Science specific:

  • title of the thesis
  • Confirmation letter for supervision of dissertation: ask DBM PhD coordinator for advice!