International PhD Program In Biomedicine

Our interdisciplinary PhD program is associated with the PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology offered by the Biozentrum. At present approximately 120 PhD students are enrolled in our program and carry out their research in one of 60 research labs affiliated with the Department of Biomedicine; these candidates will obtain a PhD degree from the Faculty of Science of the University of Basel.
The Department of Biomedicine
is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, greatly facilitating and promoting disease oriented biomedical research of the highest level. 

In order to participate in the International PhD program in Biomedicine, interested candidates should contact directly the Head of a research group of the DBM. Once they are accepted, they can then enroll in the program, provided they meet the necessary requirements (see Guidelines and General Information).

Students admitted to the program receive theoretical and practical training, and conduct a research project under the supervision of research group head of the DBM as well as a DBM research group leader recognized by the Faculty of Science, monitored by a PhD thesis advisory committee (PaC). A rich program of courses, lectures, workshops and conferences organized by the Department of Biomedicine and the Biozentrum are offered to the students. PhD fellows attend yearly scientific meetings (DBM PhD scientific retreat) and have the opportunity to organize seminar series and career guidance events (see PhD Club).

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