Learning Contract - NEW Digital Process - Please read carefully the instructions

Note that the contract must be prepared in advance!

Check before how many ECTs you can get; ask me.

Credit points may also be awarded for activities/accomplishments outside the normal course and lecture program of the university (e.g. conference contributions), stipulated in the learning contract (LC). Before the activity/accomplishment for which they intend to obtain credit points, doctoral candidates are required to create an LC in MOnA (online services), submit the document to the First Supervisor for further processing. Important: it is worth providing a meaningful title for the activity, as this will appear on the degree transcript. This title cannot subsequently be amended. The First Supervisor forwards the completed form to the responsible staff member of the department or institute - in the DBM this is Susan Treves, who will then verify the conformity of the LC according to University of Basel regulations governing the allocation of credit points. Subject to compliance, she will confirm the LC. The LC activity is later evaluated by the First Supervisor, the assessment is entered into the online evaluation system. After the checklist has been processed, the credited activity will be displayed in the student’s academic progress summary.

For academic achievements during doctoral studies at another university (e.g. LTK1), a learning contract is not necessary, but a confirmation (in the original) of successful completion must be submitted to the Dean's Office. In order to recognize these credit points for the doctoral degree, the confirmation must be signed by the First Supervisor before submission to the Dean's Office.

Getting credit points from scientific meetings: please submit your signed LC (as described above), documentation about the scientific meeting (e.g. program), your contribution (e.g. poster abstract), a letter from the organizers that your abstract is accepted, and an accompanying letter from your supervisor. After the meeting, submit the certificate that you have attended the meeting.

Please contact Susan Treves for information.


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