Prof. Dr. Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers
Research group leader
Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers
Medizinische Fakultät
FG Schaeren-Wiemers

Research group leader

Departement Biomedizin
DBM Hebelstrasse - FG Schaeren-Wiemers
Hebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel

Tel. +41 61 328 47 53


2007 Titularprofessor for Neurobiology, Medical Faculty of the University of Basel
2004 Habilitation at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel
1994 Doctor in Natural Science (PhD), ETH Zürich, advisors Prof. Dr. H.M. Eppenberger and Prof. Dr. M.E. Schwab
1987 Diploma in Biochemistry, ETH Zürich, advisors Dr. B. Trüeb, Prof. Dr. K.H. Winterhalter
1982-1987 Studies in Biochemistry, ETH Zürich
1973-1982 High school, Basel (Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium DeWette), Matura Typus C

Professional Training and Position Held

2021-2022: Vice Rector for People and Culture of the University of Basel
2020-2021  Vice-Dean for Promotion of Junior Researchers of the Medical Faculty
2009-2021: Coordinator of “Gruppierung II” of the Faculty of Medicine
2009-2021: Gruppierung II Member of the Executive Board of the Medical Faculty
2011-2021: Member of the Mentoring Program of the Medical Faculty
2013-2021: Chairwoman of the Steering Committee of the Neuroscience Network Basel (NNB)
2013-2021: Member of the Commission Science Award of the City of Basel
2013-2015:  President of the Association of the academic lecturer all faculties of the University of Basel (DOZUBA)
2015-2021: Gruppierung II Member of the Regenz and Regenzausschuss of University of Basel
2015-2021: Coordinator and responsible person of the International PhD Program in Biomedicine

Since 2010 Independent Research Group Leader Laboratory for Neurobiology, Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
1997-2009 Research Group Leader and Head of the Neurobiology Laboratory of the Neurology Clinic, Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland
1995-1997 Postdoctoral Fellow, Friedrich Miescher-Institute, Basel (Prof. Dr. D. Monard)
1994 Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain Research Institute, University of Zürich (Prof. Dr. M.E. Schwab)
1989 Scientific residence, Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc., Tarrytown, New York, USA, Dr. George Yancopoulos (April – November)
1988 – 1994 Doctoral Thesis, Brain Research Institute, University of Zürich (Prof. M.E. Schwab)