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The Athena’s Journey series began on 28th of April 2022. These talks are an effort towards empowering women in science. They aim to share the challenges women face during their career progression as well as factors that may have affected their career choices. The talks would take place on the second Thursday of every month at the ZLF, in an intimate and friendly environment, where either one or two speakers will share their incredible journeys and the audience would have a chance to peek into their lives, learn from them and interact with them informally at the apero afterwards. Even though the speakers will always be women, men are more than welcome and strongly encouraged to attend these events. 

Athena’s Journey is continually looking for female researchers who are interested in sharing their research journeys – so if you know a suitable speaker, or are feeling brave, get in touch with the core committee! Remember: every female scientist has a story that can inspire you!

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