Selected Publications

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Quero L, Tiaden AN, Hanser E, Roux J, Laski A, Hall J and Kyburz D (2019). miR-221-3p Drives the Shift of M2-Macrophages to a Pro-Inflammatory Function by Suppressing JAK3/STAT3 Activation. Front Immunol 10, 3087.

Hargreaves P, Daoudlarian D, Theron M, Kolb FA, Manchester Young M, Reis B, Tiaden A, Bannert B, Kyburz D and Manigold T (2019). Differential effects of specific ca-thepsin S inhibition in biocompartments from patients with primary Sjogren syndrome. Arthritis Res Ther 21, 175.

Rizzi M, Lorenzetti R, Fischer K, Staniek J, Janowska I, Troilo A, Strohmeier V, Erlacher M, Kunze M, Bannert B,  et al. (2017). Impact of tofacitinib treatment on human B-cells in vitro and in vivo. J Autoimmun 77, 55-66.

Quero L, Hanser E, Manigold T, Tiaden AN and Kyburz D (2017). TLR2 stimulation impairs anti-inflammatory activity of M2-like macrophages, generating a chimeric M1/M2 phenotype. Arthritis Res Ther 19, 245.