11.8 million CHF for clinical trials of novel arthritis repair

Swiss government and European Union award 11.8 million CHF for next generation clinical trials of novel arthritis repair. The researchers at the Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel and University Hospital Basel, are actively recruiting for clinical trials.

Podcast Angry@Arthritis

Podcast: Angry@Arthritis - OA CURE IN ACTION, Guest: Prof. Ivan Martin

Ivan’s team is pioneering a cure for OA – and has successfully treated multiple joints in humans. What is N-TEC? How does it work? When is it coming to America and how can I sign up?

Angry@Arthritis: OA Fix - Trials In The Mix

Audio: Angry@Arthritis

Angry@Arthritis: OA Fix - Trials In The Mix

Interview Bild

Interview: Regenerative Zelltherapien zur Behandlung von Arthrose

Prof. Dr. Ivan Martin ist ein weltweit renommierter Experte auf dem Gebiet der regenerativen Medizin und Gewebetechnik. Mit seiner wegweisenden Forschungen hat Prof. Martin maßgeblich dazu beigetragen Strategien zur Gewebereparatur und –regeneration voranzutreiben.

Knochen aufeinander

In a breakthrough, cartilage from nose is used to treat severe knee problems

Researchers have been working on taking cartilage cells from the nose and developing it into tissue that can be implanted elsewhere. After success in animals, two people received this treatment using cartilage cells from their own noses. The patients reported decreased pain and increased quality of life.


Scientists engineer nasal cartilage cells to repair aching knees

In osteoarthritis of the knee, cartilage that should cushion the bones erodes, leaving people in pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs can offer some relief, but they can’t cure the disease or bring back cartilage that’s already lost. Joint replacement gets people moving again, but their implants must eventually be replaced.

Cartilage from the nose used to treat two people's knee osteoarthritis

Cartilage from the nose used to treat two people's knee osteoarthritis

Implants made from nose cartilage have been used to repair the knee joints of two people with severe osteoarthritis. A larger clinical trial is now planned to see if the treatment can help the millions of people with knee osteoarthritis worldwide.


Cartilage from nose is used to repair bum knees

Using cells from the cartilage in patients’ noses, Swiss doctors have successfully made patches to treat 10 adults whose knee cartilage was damaged by injury.


Surgeons use nose cells to repair damaged knee joints

Swiss surgeons successfully used an experimental technique, which includes harvesting cells from the nasal septum, to repair damaged knee joints in patients. Two years later, these patients report improvements in pain and knee function, according to a study published Thursday in the journal The Lancet.

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