Selected Publications


1.          S. Muthu, J. V. Korpershoek, E. J. Novais, G. F. Tawy, A. P. Hollander, I. Martin, Failure of cartilage regeneration: emerging hypotheses and related therapeutic strategies. Nat. Rev. Rheumatol.19, 403–416 (2023).

2.          A. García-García, S. Pigeot, I. Martin, Engineering of immunoinstructive extracellular matrices for enhanced osteoinductivity. Bioact. Mater.24, 174–184 (2023).

3.          A. García-García, T. Klein, G. Born, M. Hilpert, A. Scherberich, C. Lengerke, R. C. Skoda, P. E. Bourgine, I. Martin, Culturing patient-derived malignant hematopoietic stem cells in engineered and fully humanized 3D niches. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.118, e2114227118 (2021).

4.          L. Acevedo Rua, M. Mumme, C. Manferdini, S. Darwiche, A. Khalil, M. Hilpert, D. A. Buchner, G. Lisignoli, P. Occhetta, B. von Rechenberg, M. Haug, D. J. Schaefer, M. Jakob, A. Caplan, I. Martin, A. Barbero, K. Pelttari, Engineered nasal cartilage for the repair of osteoarthritic knee cartilage defects. Sci. Transl. Med.13, eaaz4499 (2021).

5.          P. Occhetta, A. Mainardi, E. Votta, Q. Vallmajo-Martin, M. Ehrbar, I. Martin, A. Barbero, M. Rasponi, Hyperphysiological compression of articular cartilage induces an osteoarthritic phenotype in a cartilage-on-a-chip model. Nat. Biomed. Eng.3, 545–557 (2019).



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