Selected Publications

Manta C, Heupel E, Radulovic K, RossiniV, Garbi N, Riedel CU, Niess JH. (2013)CX(3)CR1(+) macrophages support IL-22production by innate lymphoid cells duringinfection with Citrobacter rodentium.Mucosal Immunol. 6, 177–88

Radulovic K, Rossini V, Manta C, HolzmannK, Kestler HA, Niess JH. (2013) The earlyactivation marker CD69 regulates theexpression of chemokines and CD4 Tcell accumulation in intestine. PLoS One8(6):e65413

Rossini V, Zhurina D, Radulovic K, Manta C,Walther P, Riedel CU, Niess JH. (2014)CX3CR1+ cells facilitate the activation ofCD4 T cells in the colonic lamina propriaduring antigen-driven colitis. Mucosal Immunol.7, 533–48

Schulz O, Ugur M, Friedrichsen M, RadulovicK, Niess JH, Jalkanen S, Krueger A,Pabst O. (2014) Hypertrophy of infectedPeyer’s patches arises from global, interferon-receptor, and CD69-independentshutdown of lymphocyte egress. MucosalImmunol. 7, 892–904

Steinert A, Radulovic K, Niess J. (2016). Gastro-intestinal tract: The leading role ofmucosal immunity. Swiss Med Wkly. 5,146:w14293