DBM Postdoc Club

The Department of Biomedicine (DBM) employs more than 150 postdoctoral fellows and senior scientists distributed over five research sites in downtown Basel. The research focus is spread broadly from Immunology and Oncology to Neurobiology and Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. This setup provides the unique opportunity to collaborate and to network in a multidisciplinary and inspiring scientific environment. Besides the strong academic setting, Basel is a well-established hotspot of international pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries with many life science-oriented companies in the region. This proximity often offers postdoctoral scientists with the opportunity to extend their professional networks and to get in contact with non-academic professionals of different fields.

The DBM postdoc club was founded as a volunteer-based association with the aim of providing:

  1. A platform to facilitate networking and collaboration within the department, within the University, and with other academic and industry collaborators

  2. Career development seminars presented by academic and industry speakers

All postdoctoral fellows within the DBM are automatically considered members free of charge and are encouraged to attend the events of the DBM postdoc club.

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