The Immunomeeting Seminar Series  is held at the University of Basel's Department of Biomedicine (Hebelstrasse) on Mondays during term time. Researchers from the various University of Basel immunology Community (uBICo) member groups present their work at these weekly meetings, in addition to invited guest speakers and uBICo distinguished speakers.

The uBICo Distinguished Immunology Speakers series sees leading researchers from around the world present their work at the Immunomeetings, which are then held in the ZLF Small Lecture Theater. These speakers partake in an extended programme during their visit to Basel which sees them spending the day with faculty and students at the Department of Biomedicine.

In addition to being accredited postgraduate lecture courses at the University of Basel (15581-01 Seminar: Immunology I and 17493-01 Seminar: Immunology II) the seminar series is also registered with the Veterinäramt Basel-Stadt for ongoing education. Attendees of relevant Immunomeetings have the opportunity to get credit towards “Aus- und Weiterbildungsveranstaltungen für Fachpersonal für Tierversuche”.

The Immunomeetings are coordinated by Prof. Gennaro De Libero, head of the Experimental Immunology Research Lab. For further information on the Immunomeetings please contact: Paula Cullen Baumann

Upcoming Immunomeetings

All meetings take place at 12:15 in the Department of Biomedicine's 2nd Floor Seminar room, ZLF, Hebelstrasse 20, 4031 Basel, unless otherwise noted.


DatePresenter/Group/Presentation Title

03 Feb 2020

Guest Speaker - Wolfgang Schamel, University of Freiburg

Optogenetics: Light-controlled activation of the T cell receptor reveals kinetic proofreading
10 Feb 2020

Lukas Jeker, Molecular Immune Regulation

Decoding miRNA biology with patients in mind

Romina Matter, Molecular Immune Regulation

Trying to convert the boss’es idea into something useful - miRNAs as therapeutic targets
17 Feb 2029

Qian Chen, Hepatology

Interferon lambda 4 modulates biphasic immune responses to viral infections
24 Feb 2020

Berna Kaya, Gastroenterology

GPR35-mediated cytokine signaling in colitis
02 Mar 2020No meeting - Fasnacht  
09 Mar 2020Daniel Pinschewer’s Experimental Virology Group
16 Mar 2020Hans Hirsch’s Transplantation Virology Group
23 Mar 2020UBICO Retreat , UBICO Distinguished Speaker - Dr Ramnik Xavier
30 Mar 2020tba
06 Apr 2020Marc Donath’s Diabetes Research Group
13 Apr 2020No meeting - Easter